About us

Care4Fleets is thé specialist in the area of operational and integrative fleet services. We provide our services throughout the whole of Belgium.

Care4Fleets damage reviews and delivery site

At Care4Fleets, we offer a unique process of poolcar management. 

Different services which are chained perfectly together in one fluent cycle, make us the best in the field of operational fleet services and solutions. The main target of our services is to unburden our customers of all technical and operational tasks to be done on a company car, and to lower direct and indirect cost of your car fleet.

Although our services are designed to be offered in a full service package, they can also be offered separately, fit to what your fleet needs best.

At Care4fleets all our teams strive to ensure our clients an impeccable service. Service is our keyword!

Our front office team will take the best care of your daily fleet handling in a professional way. As they are the spokespersons for all our customers, they will be handling all of your requests as well as taking appointments with your drivers and helping them out with any possible questions.

Care4Fleets' head office team helps out our clients with their fleet of pool cars.
Care4Fleets' expert delivering pool car to a customer

The damage advisory team will perform the damage reviews on a neutral base according to the Renta norm. Experience, performance and vigilance are key factors that determine the success rate of our damage advisors. This uniform approach of damage reviews for all your employees will lead to minimal discussions and frustrations.

We are leading in the domain of operational fleet services and have a broad range of customers which we help to manage their fleet of cars operationally on a daily basis.

Another important team behind the scenes is the cleaning and technical team. They clean the cars in a high quality level so that every car can be delivered in a showroom ready status, while also looking out for any possible technical issues that could pose an inconvenience for the next driver.

When the car is ready to be delivered, our transporting team is responsible for 100% flexible and reliable deliveries (or pickups) at every desired location in Belgium and abroad.

Car being washed before being delivered to a customer
Care4Fleets' driver picking up a car at the premises of our client

Offering a personal and customized approach we will relieve your day to day fleet concerns. This may vary from an all in service from A to Z to a tailored choice fit to your personal fleet needs according to your carpolicy. We can offer our services for all kind of cars: pool- or surplus cars, end of lease cars, new cars, normal running fleet cars, utility cars, etc.

Care4Fleets' accountants consulting each other
Care4Fleets organising group delivery of over 300 company cars

Not only are we specialized in handling your daily fleet, we have succesfully set up numerous special projects and events for our customers. Ranging from group reviews at the dealership where the new cars are being delivered, to organising group deliveries of sometimes over 300 cars at the same time, nothing is impossible at Care4Fleets. We have managed to develop a way of executing special demands of our customers in the most efficient and pleasant manner. In consultation with you we will make sure to work out the most realistic solution for your request.